About our teas

Hi there, I am writing this after my first cup of gorgeous clarity tea which arrived this morning, and I just wanted to say thank you for the personal touch with the hand written note, it really makes a difference. I look forward to trying my body boost tonic and sample teas too. Many thanks” Sarah

About our chakra bar and events

“hello lovely people ;-) i just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all. Im back from Into The Wild and am blown away by what you do, the space you create and your genuine openheartedness. Vanessa, I'm the woman who showed you the beautiful goddess lady that i was lucky enough to spend some time with! Your party on Saturday night was amazing fun, Shakti then joy shots really worked for me. but it was Sunday that i really wanted to thank you for. Having been at Wills trance dance and faced some really difficult stuff from my past, your chakra shot train was amazing medicine for me. Combined with great music and such lovely people, it really helped me shift some energetic patterns that id felt really stuck with and allow me to explore some soft intimate connections in a really conscious way. A huge hand on heart thank you from me and please can you put me on your mailing list, I'd love to come to your party in November” lots of love Jo xxx

“I met you at Into the Wild & bought a set of your teas to take with me. Just wanted to say thank you for the love & effort you have put in to making this beautiful range. I did a week’s silent retreat on my own in the countryside recently & your teas featured heavily in my daily mindful activities!
You were my favourite stall at the festival by far, as a new non drinker, it was amazing to be able to have a choice of delicious, healthy soft drinks.”

About our tonics

"I usually have a really bad cold and sore throat every winter but since taking the tonic every morning in Dec and Jan, I have been cold free and feeling good!" FH

"I have increased my dosage from last month as I feel I have some energy after so long, something is happening! Don't expect it to work in 3 days, do persevere, I'm so glad I did. Many thanks to Vanessa and James for all your hard work" DM

"I have been taking 5ml in a little shot of water every morning since we met and I absolutely love it! Thank you both so much for making this stuff!!!" PE 

"At work I'm always in fight or flight and the tonic has greatly reduced the frequency, length and intensity of any sicknesses I get." VJ