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Real Remedies produces a range of award winning, organic, highly-tuned botanical drinks and herbal blends, intended to inspire a deeper connection with nature and facilitate a remembrance of our essential selves.

Master Tonics

Raw unprocessed tonics harnessing the awesome potency of apple cider vinegar, infused for a minimum of a month with finely selected botanicals.


Botanical Spirits

These non-alcoholic Botanical Spirits are designed to offer a more conscious drinking experience.

A very simple extraction and preservation process ensures these botanicals maintain maximum vitality and taste.

"Drinking without the drinking..."

Chakra Teas

Inspired by the Chakras and bursting with character, these multi-award winning, unique blends are designed to remind us of our subtle nature. 


I met you at Into the Wild & bought a set of your teas to take with me. Just wanted to say thank you for the love & effort you have put in to making this beautiful range. I did a week’s silent retreat on my own in the countryside recently & your teas featured heavily in my daily mindful activities!
You were my favourite stall at the festival by far, as a new non drinker, it was amazing to be able to have a choice of delicious, healthy soft drinks.
— Naomi



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