When one is rooted in Earth’s vast power and flowing with divine sensuality, the proceeding natural eventuality is the moving urge into animation. 

The Solar Chakra’s vibration is experienced as will-power, drive and determination. A healthy Solar Chakra enables a wilful flow of pleasant physical animation, rather than the exhausting exertion so often engaged in. 

There is also the matter of what the Buddhists refer to as ‘Right Action’. When what we are manifesting is beneficial for our selves, others and the world, we are supported by unseen forces and everything flows

A being that is grounded and connected with the Earth will naturally align with what is ‘right’ and experience an aversion to that which is ‘wrong’. There is power in what is beneficial and varying degrees of effort will be require to perform what is detrimental

Life itself is the force we are seeking. It is a force that at its fullest can move mountains. A force of such magnitude as to be considered unstoppable. The realm of the physical being it’s only limitation. 

Pathology arises when we resist the flow of life, or redirect it towards detrimental endeavours. At the heart of this is an ability to detect the subtle flavour of this divine energy and surrender everything in the way of its fulfilment. 

The experience of the Solar Chakra is an irresistible, immersive flowing urge that carries one towards betterment, while the boundaries of the individual self begin to dissolve into a larger sense of Self that encompasses all. 

It is this that enables our innate Capability




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