Root Chakra Tincture (1)

Root Chakra Tincture (1)


I am red. Passionate, warm, connected to the roots of earth. An eclipsed sun blessing a sacred union… A tapestry of soul created from the thread of ancestors, Pure acceptance of the self, treating in trust, living to the best of the heart. Tiptoeing into the mystery.

Made on the new moon with prayers for grounded connection to the earth and feelings of safety and security. This tincture takes a full moon cycle to infuse. It spent a full night out in the light of the full moon with more prayers for softening and opening to divinity before being safely stored until the next new moon when it was ready.

We use a fine organic 3 year old cognac and organic honey from the Tropical forest company to add a touch of sweetness.

Fine Cognac, Raw Honey, Elderberries*, Violet leaf, Wild cherry bark, Yarrow*, Astragalus*, Lemongrass*, Cinnamon root*.

*sourced from the organic herb trading company

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