Crown Chakra Tincture (7)

Crown Chakra Tincture (7)


I am violet. Living within us like the innocence of a child. Sitting quietly, still with peace and patience, read to serve. Every sparkling, dazzling particle on our planet shining forth universal light. The phenomenal beauty of pure Spirit.

Made on the new moon with prayers for expansion, connection and joy this tincture takes a full moon cycle to infuse. It spent a full night out in the light of the full moon with more prayers for softening and opening to divinity before being safely stored until the next new moon when it was ready.

We use a fine organic 3 year old cognac and a touch of coconut based glycerine to add a touch of sweetness.

Fine organic cognac, coconut based glycerine, blue lotus, cacao nibs*, lavender*, marigold*, mugwort*, rose petals*, rosemary*.

*sourced from the organic herb trading company

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