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This latest conscious-clubbing event will be an enlightening gathering of souls, voyaging together, connecting together, growing together. 

Utilising carefully curated music and highly-tuned botanical drinks, we will go on a gently guided, powerful journey through the Chakras, with the intention of awakening to the beauty of our subtle selves. 


- - - - -



An ancient schematic, the Chakra System speaks of our personal, internal experiences and illuminates a path to higher awareness. 


The natural world is alive with wonder and wisdom. Every sentient entity has inherent abilities and plants are amongst this world’s most capable teachers. 


Everything can be perceived as vibration and music, as the orchestration of vibration, has the ability to transform us on every level.


- - - - -



Real Remedies work with the plants, intuitively combing blends that inspire us to awaken to our truth and become more intimately aware of the subtle, powerful connection we share with nature. 

Pixie Pete is an inspiring, beautiful soul, who occasionally channels some of his abundant love through the medium of music. 

DJ Pixi Pete will be bringing his fun and sensitive style, holding the space and inviting you to fully immerse yourself in the deepest essence of each shot as we journey through each Chakra.

- - - - -



To become awakened is an inevitability for us all - we are all on the great journey. 

This event is offered as an opportunity to explore movement, music and through the Chakras, journey to remember our most fundamental truths. 

An exploration of our most fundamental elements can lead us to the truth of our ultimate potential.


- - - - -



Doors open and music starts at 7pm. 

The Chakra Set will commence at 7:30pm so please don’t be late, as once this has started there will be no admittance. 

Doors will reopen at 9-11pm for the free-dance party.

This is a drug and alcohol free event.

No previous knowledge of the Chakras is required, just an inquisitiveness to take the journey. 


At the event:

- Dance space designed for free, unbridled movement and maximum acoustic brilliance 

- Super tuned-in DJs

- Organic Chai, Cacao, Juices & Botanical Cocktails at the Bar

- Chill out area


The space will be held by a core group of experienced, heart-centered facilitators. 

Everyone is welcome.


- - - - -

£20 (until 14th December)

£25 (general admission)

£30 (On the door)


Admission includes 7 botanical shots (£14 value)