Our physical forms comprise trillions of cells performing billions of simultaneous processes. Every cell’s vibration emanates out into the vastness of space, intermingling with everything in all directions. How often are you aware of your connection to the infinite? 

We inevitability struggle to keep up with the many endless demands placed on us and the resulting disequilibrium manifests itself in many ways. These times inspire us to refocus perspective and reassess priorities, for it is only once the struggle and strife is released that one can enter a state of flow

Flow is the experience of the sensual self. It is the opening into an immersive state, felt with the whole body. Like a river flowing through every vein and electric sparks in every nerve cell; a beautiful, empowering vitality fills the body when we enter a creative flow.

You know when you're in this unmistakable zone. It's as if you're one with the flow of life. There's no fight or challenge, everything is clear and effortless. It's when the rigours of demand and mechanics cease to be an effort and every shape and hole become the same size. 

Some enter this state very easily and others find it hard. Struggle is this Chakra’s primary inhibitor and access to it is through surrender. Entering this state is like opening to the emptiness and surrendering to the natural flow of a higher state. 

The experience of the Sacral Chakra is a writhing warmth, which emanates from the depths of the Earth, fills every aspect of the body, quietens the mind and clarifies intention. 

It is from this space that we can access our divine Creativity


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