There is something even more fundamental than warmth, shelter and sustenance. It is what enables the successful attainment of these, as well as every other great life experience. 

Grounding is the experience of Earth communion. It is the sense that one is living in harmony with the multifaceted natural world and it is something that humanity is currently sorely lacking. 

Capitalism promises opportunity but promotes acquisition and accumulation. Those who aspire to its merits live constantly assessing how much they have and how to get more. We're rarely encouraged to appreciate what we have and self preservation frequently underpins our motives. 

Our Earth has more than enough resources for all her earthlings but we're drawn to crowded cities like fireflies, eager to find gold-paved streets and to be where it's happening. 

Wherever you find the Queen’s head, you'll find systemic disequilibrium. It is near impossible to escape so let’s stop fighting and flying. Once we can stand in stillness being with everything just the way it is, then we can begin deepening our experience of life in its fullness. 

Acceptance is the Root’s challenge. Struggle is its primary inhibitor. There is so much that needs to be done. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by life’s constant requirements. 

Yet one must be still for roots to set deep. Still in every sense: Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually… by being calm amidst the storm, content with everything just the way it is and acknowledging that life’s higher purposes are frequently unclear. 

All great things in life are made possible once we have successfully achieved this Stability.


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