Real Remedy's founders, husband and wife team Vanessa and James Jacoby have been working towards the creation of this business for many years. 

James' background as a Holistic Coach, Personal Trainer, Shiatsu Practitioner and Shaman had perfectly prepared him for working with the plants and Vanessa's background in corporate banking provided her with a sharp mind for business and market strategy. 

Working at the bank had been challenging for Vanessa, so she sought renovation in yoga, meditation and development workshops. One evening a singing bowl was placed on her heart after a yoga class. When it was struck, she instantly accessed a transcendent state of bliss, the effects of which altered every aspect of her being. She found that she could literally no longer do the work the bank demanded.

Over the next few months she focused on healing, self-discovery and personal empowerment. A series of transformative experiences led to fresh perspective and renewed vitality. A vision for a new company dedicated to healing and growth begun to form and James' entrepreneurial background and holistic training fit perfectly into the mix. 

Together they planned her exit strategy, sourced and researched over 100 herbs, plants and roots, gathered a team of experts and built the business. 


Remedies with real results.


After a thorough market analysis it became clear there was space for a range of products which served people sensitive to the energetic effects of plants, as well as a growing market of those who want to be. 

Vanessa met Laura, a highly sensitive intuit, bodyworker and herbal savant. They instantly recognised a shared cause and Laura became the company's Chief Blender. 

The company also employed the services of Lucy, a renowned Traditional Herbalist, who also recognising the potential of the business, wholeheartedly threw her weight behind the project. 

Real Remedies was born from a shared desire to work with the Earth and create products that are ethical, sustainable and provide people with a means by which to achieve growth and empowerment. 

The team experimented with ingredients, blends and proportions. Guided by the plants, the products begun to take shape, forming synergistic relationships that acted on particular energetic centres in the body...

... launching in Winter 2016, Real Remedies' first offering: 
The Chakra Range.