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Real Remedy's founders, husband and wife team Vanessa and James Jacoby have been working towards the creation of this business for many years. 

James' background as a Holistic Coach, Personal Trainer, Shiatsu Practitioner and Shaman had perfectly prepared him for working with the plants and Vanessa's background in corporate banking provided her with a sharp mind for business and market strategy. 

Working at the bank had been challenging for Vanessa, so she sought renovation in yoga, meditation and development workshops. One evening a singing bowl was placed on her heart after a yoga class. When it was struck, she instantly accessed a transcendent state of bliss, the effects of which altered every aspect of her being. She found that she could literally no longer do the work the bank demanded.

Over the next few months she focused on healing, self-discovery and personal empowerment. A series of transformative experiences led to fresh perspective and renewed vitality. A vision for a new company dedicated to healing and growth begun to form and James' entrepreneurial background and holistic training fit perfectly into the mix. 


Products for CONSCIOUS consumers


It became clear there was space for products which served people sensitive to the energetic effects of plants, as well as for a growing market of those who would like to be more so. 

Underlying every Real Remedies product is a desire to facilitate a deeper understanding of one's internal experiences and how we relate to the external world. 

The time-tested, widely acknowledged Chakra system served as the perfect foundation and guided by the plants, the products begun to take shape.

The Early Innovation Team

During the early months, Vanessa brought together the innovation team, who sourced and researched over 300 individual herbs, flowers, powders, leafs, roots and shoots. 

Amongst others, Vanessa worked with Lucy Blunden, Hertfordshire's leading Herbal Medicine Practitioner and an extremely sensitive intuitive healer & Herbal Savant (who we're not allowed to name!). 

They worked initially from a left-brain Western Medical perspective to categorise the plants into organs and systems that related loosley to each Chakra. 

Then they worked intuitively; smelling, tasting and being with the effects of the plants individually and then in combination, determining which of the Chakras each worked well with. 

Three months of intensive experimentation and categorisation led to the production of the Chakra Tinctures, which contained the most potent of the Chakra related herbs. 

This process was then elaborated to include taste requirements when being applied to the Tea Blends. Unlike the Tinctures, which were in Organic Cognac and Raw Honey, the Herbal Teas Blend tastes had to stand on their own. 

After many careful months of tasting and testing, the Chakra Tea Blends were born. 

The Chakra Bar & Botanical Spirits

Vanessa took a rare opportunity to enjoy a weekend retreat, where she met Lillamaya, a yogic Monk in training, who worked as a Mixologist in some of Manchester's top clubs before leaving it all behind to deepen his spiritual life, progressing all the way to initiating Yogic Monk training. 

During this weekend Lilla shared his vision of transforming the way people enjoy a night out with non-alcoholic, herbal experiences. Vanessa shared how she had formed a company working with the plants and Chakras. 

This fortuitous meeting blossomed over the summer, where the Chakra Bar and the Botanical Spirits were born.