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Real Remedies was founded by Vanessa and her husband James Jacoby in 2016 after a profound transformational experience that Vanessa went through which ignited a powerful vision and a desire to support others in their healing and spiritual growth. 

Product for conscious consumers

It became clear there was space for products which served people sensitive to the energetic effects of plants, as well as for a growing market of those who would like to be more so. Underlying every Real Remedies product is a desire to facilitate a deeper understanding of one's internal experiences and how we relate to the external world. 

The time-tested, widely acknowledged Chakra system served as the perfect foundation and guided by the plants, the products begun to take shape.

Real Remedies was a natural extension to James’s work in the holistic health field where he has been running a busy practice as a coach, personal trainer, shiatsu practitioner and Shaman since 1996. Since her transition from corporate life Vanessa has immersed herself in the study of plants and the creation of herbal remedies finally giving voice to her gifts and purpose as an intuitive botanical alchemist and healer. 

Together they have built Real Remedies into an award winning brand, taking the UK festival circuit by storm with their Chakra Bar and supplying a huge number of happy customers with their teas, tonics and tinctures. 

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The Chakra Bar & Botanical Spirits


In the early days of Real Remedies, Vanessa took a rare opportunity to enjoy a weekend retreat, where she met Lillamaya, a yogic Monk in training, who worked as a Mixologist in some of Manchester's top clubs before leaving it all behind to deepen his spiritual life, progressing all the way to initiating Yogic Monk training. 

During this weekend Lilla and Vanessa spoke of their shared vision of transforming the way people enjoy a night out with non-alcoholic, herbal experiences. Vanessa shared how she had formed a company working with the plants and Chakras. 

This fortuitous meeting blossomed over the summer, where the Chakra Bar and the Botanical Spirits were born. These Spirits have now taken on new life with Senser Spirits, a brand founded by Vanessa and James to bring the drinks to a wider market.