The very first cells to comprise our bodies at conception are heart cells. We are heart before everything else and all that we are is an extension of this origin.

We quickly become extremely complex organisms and a myriad of requirements compete for our resources. Life can be overwhelming. We can frequently find ourselves on automatic programming in survival mode but we always have the opportunity to consciously adjust our perspective and re-assess our priorities. 

Priorities can be measured by many methods and in our moments of contemplation, one perspective may be elusive... it’s possible to consider all of life’s motivations with the heart. 

There is the belief that ‘following one’s heart’ is in some way selfish or naive and that if one was to ‘listen to one’s heart’ it would at some point inevitably lead to an ineffective, fragile or fleeting outcome. 

Far too often, we allow the head brain to operate without the heart’s involvement. The ‘rational’ often trumping the ‘intuitive’. We rarely have awarenesses without the voice in our head narrating every detail; identifying, judging, evaluating, predicting... 

The gut and heart operate without the linguistics we rely on for our typical type thought. Awareness absent of linguistic limitation is felt rather than seen. The heart is the most sensitive instrument we possess, capable of extraordinary things- determining truth from falsehood, beneficial from detrimental and as recent scientific experiments have proven, predict the future and all without requiring a single linguistic construct. 

There is so much in life we may fear and fear which gives rise to every other detrimental limitation, is the heart’s primary inhibitor. We must detect our intrinsic connection to it all and feel that truth with every element of our being. 

This glorious realisation results from the ability to see oneself as much more than a simple mechanical entity, here by some random happenstance. To see, feel and fully understand the great truths gives rise to a fullness of heart, which will empower our emotional intelligence, elevate us above primal instinct and immerse us in brilliant, joyous, emanating light. 

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< 3. SOLAR

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