Workshops & Events




1-4pm 1st July 2017 

The Tranquility Garden @ Sunnyside Rural Trust,
7 Two Waters Road,
Hemel Hempstead, 
HP3 9BZ.

Tickets are £20.



Plants have the ability to nourish us in more ways that we commonly consider. We used to be able to sense into them and gauge their affects just by being with them. This ability has largely been lost over the last millennia. 

RealRemedies founders James and Vanessa have created special herbals blends designed to work with the body’s subtle energy system and their workshops are designed to facilitate a direct personal connection with the plants. 

This is achieved by becoming sensitive to life’s subtleties. During this evening workshop we will connect to instinct, take a journey of sensational self-awareness, explore the subtle energy system, our mind-body connection and reignite our body’s wisdom.

Through breath work, meditation, drumming and special teas they will guide you to open an awareness of the plants. You can then take this awareness into your everyday life. 

Come and join us in RealRemedies’ Chakra Tent, at Sunnyside Rural Trust’s tranquility garden.