We love working with the Chakras, as this ancient system perfectly clarifies the inner workings of our unseen, subtle selves and know that by becoming more familiar with our own nature, we may discover 'inside' the same glory that we see in the natural world 'outside' of ourselves. 

NOTE: What follows is not casually written social content... it is intended as a deep, immersive illustration of our most Essential Selves. 

Even a rudimentary understanding of the Chakras can have dramatic effects. Mastery of them, means mastery of life itself. 

Please take your time reading, digesting and sensing all the while. It is brief but densely packed. 

When you're ready and settled, please begin... 


We all at some point in our lives seek answers to life's great questions... 

Of course we aren't the first. Many who preceded us sought to understand what seems hidden from view and many paths have been made by countless souls driven to find answers. 

Amongst the deepest worn paths is the one signposted by the Chakras: An ancient system that charts a schematic of our essential selves, detailing the subtle, unseen mechanisms of our life experience. A 4000+ year old map, it has stood the test of time because it provides a comprehensive, direct route to self realisation

Essence (Essential)

It is said that “form is an illusion”, which is at the same time both true and untrue. The declaration is often offered as an attempt to break open perceptual boundaries, usually by those who haven't entirely understood the immensity of their suggestion. 

To consider form as an illusion, one must necessarily seek out what is not illusion. To grasp this big picture beyond a mere mental understanding, one must be willing and able to perform the most difficult of human endeavours: surrender form. 

We are born into a fragile body, in 3 dimensions of space, on a finite timeline, so our lives typically revolve around developing a solid sense of self and on determining how we fit into the world. We fully invest ourselves in understanding the mechanisms of form and on acquiring some semblance of control over it.

Essence on the other hand is a universal force that permeates everything in existence and animates all form. It is the eternal aspect of us that survives death and therefore may well be considered the ‘real’ us. 

Essence is the Yin, to the Yang of form. Essence and Form are two sides of the same coin, yet rather than seeing it upturned in perpetual spin, we too often see the coin laying in a state of rest, focusing predominantly on the world of form, seldom acknowledging the truth of our origin and design. 

We are capable of accessing many different layers of awareness and levels of consciousness. It is our ability to surrender control that leads us to progressively transcend these levels. Simply by sitting in the seat of the silent conscious observer, one can superseded the duality and experience pure Essence

Form is temporary and limited, whereas essence is eternal and infinite. It is this understanding and our ability to surrender form which enables conscious access to the essence of which the Chakras speak.