How to experience our Chakras - Part 1 of 2


Many have heard of the chakras but few grasp their significance and even fewer really experience them. They relate to parts of the physical body but are better understood as aspects of the subtle body. 

Modern days humans have been taught to believe only what can be proven by replicable scientific study, or whatever is deemed to be true by mass consensus. However, there is an entire realm that lies largely undiscovered by most people, especially by us in the developed world. 

If you grew up in the west, it's highly likely you are left brain, yang dominant, concerned primarily with structure, concepts and planning. The subtle realm is accessed via the right brain, when structure and form are subordinated to the experience of awareness and presence. 

One of the most popular TED talks features Jill Taylor, a brain scientist who explains her experience of a stroke that shut down her left brain's function. As her motion, speech and self-awareness ebbed away, she was left with only pure consciousness.

I'm not suggesting that a stroke is the best way of experiencing the subtle self, just illustrating the simplest method by which one experiences it. It is only once the mechanical, structural left brain is subdued, that the right brain can become more prominent. 

As we stand here and now as human adults, our left brain function is strongly dependent on language, image and expectation. Language is the method by which we form our understanding of the world; image, the structural form of memory; and expectations are the catalysts that ensure these structures pervade our future. 

There's nothing 'wrong' with the right brain and its associated structures, its just that these need to be put down in order to connect with the subtle self and its beautiful, expansive potentials. 

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