How to access the infinite

Firstly it is necessary to identify the Essential Self: The eternal, unchanging self. The aspect of ourselves that remains after death, transcends the duality and connects us to source. The simplest way to this is by identifying and isolating the Ego.

The Ego is the tool consciousness utilises to navigate this material dimension. It is the individual ‘I’, that maintains separateness and sovereignty. Without it our atoms would disperse and our reality return to source. Entwined with Essence, it is one half of life’s delicate design.

The Ego is the Yang to the Yin of Essence. Ego is the structural organisation of material and Essence the force that gives it life. Whilst it is possible to manifest our intentions in reality, it is also reality that is manifesting us.

Quantum mechanics also provides some insight. Every atom is 99.9% empty space and the observable 0.1% is constantly disappearing and reappearing at the speed of light. What we consider solid matter is in fact elusive vibration both ‘here’ and not ‘here’.

The subtle realm is beyond the rational mind. To access it we must surrender everything we hold onto and fully enter Yin. Yang is the framework our reality is built on but finite and its boundaries veil the infinite.

Yin is the emptiness that contains it all, cradling the opportunity to manifest. It has no boundaries and is the route to the infinite source of all. From the seat of the silent observer we can sense life’s truths, know what is beneficial and unravel the mysteries of existence.

This all begins within. We are microcosms of the macrocosm. Revealing our own hidden truths illuminates all life’s highest achievements and there is no better method of examining the subtleties of Self, than through the lens of the Chakra system.

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