Life is almost unfathomably vast. We frequently feel subject to forces beyond our control and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. There comes a point in everyone's life when we contemplate the big questions. Why are we here? What is life all about?

Life’s totality may be grasped only by those who are prepared in terms of both willingness and training. Disillusioned by their era’s convention and driven by an insatiable urge, there are many who have sought life’s hidden truths.

The greatest teachings are etched in time and paths well trodden by those determined to make the journey are discoverable to those who want the grandest of all life experience.

There are many paths and signposts. Amongst the most clear are the Chakras, a system that charts an ancient schematic of our essential selves, detailing the subtle, unseen mechanisms of our feelings and life experience.

A 4000+ year old map, it has stood the test of time because it provides a comprehensive, direct route to self realisation. It's story has been told through many eras and countless generations. It is interwoven in many religions and non-religions. It speak of essence and walks the line between the reality we see and the one we don't.

Whatever it may be that we feel, no matter how lost or elated, one can reference the system. There is nothing outside of its scope. It is an immense, life changing system of understand but it requires more than a scratching of the surface.

After a little research many people will have no doubt rejected the suggestion that there are a variety of coloured spinning energy wheels in their body. After looking a little deeper you may realise that these are symbolic tools; signposts to a deeper understanding of ultimate truth, the journey to which forces away layers of illusion and brings about greater union.

It is a journey and for those of us in human form, it is a lifelong one. Whosoever is willing to delve deep into the Chakra system, will discover their journey in a new way and eventually, the answers to life’s big questions will become clear.

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