Sensing National Tea Day


It’s national tea day today - a calling to escape the tea-comfort-zone and try something new!

Our teas offer the perfect opportunity to do just that. Highly tuned blends specifically designed to work with the ‘Chakras’ - very important aspects of our energy system. When our chakras are balanced we experience life in a very difference way. How can drinking tea help you to experience this I hear you ask? 

If you take the time to be in stillness, breathing-in the smell of the herbs, spices or fruits, you are accessing the now, not in the past with what should have been or in the future, it’s all about the now. 

The more present we are, the more energy and vitality are available to us and a simple cup of tea is enough to help us to experience more. We just need to give the moment our full attention. 

Each of our teas are designed to work with each of the body’s 7 chakras. When you smell them you can feel your attention shifting in your body. With our Root Chakra Tea your attention will naturally shift downwards towards the pelvis, with the Crown Tea, it will elevate up to the top of your head and beyond. 

We all have the ability to sense how herbs affect us - we can all learn this skill. I invite you to take more time with your tea today, no matter what tea you are drinking, take a moment to marvel at the magic in the cup. 

Be with it as the brewing plants defuse, feel the texture of the tea in your mouth, identify the different tastes in the front, middle and back of your mouth. Be aware of the plants, the water, nutrients and sun that was used to grow them. Those plants you’re drinking are becoming part of your body - they are a gift from nature.

What can you learn about your connection with nature, or the power of plants today?

See your tea differently today, see it as the magic it is - a plant or collection of plants that have been combined to create a magical infusion just for you.

Today, let’s be thankful for everything about our precious tea xx



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