Why 'grounding' is so essential right now.



Without grounding we're like leaves floating in the breeze - Not an entirely unpleasant experience if desired but always best if you also have the ability to re-establish your roots. 

Often misunderstood as some kind of 'airy-fairy' notion, this essential human experience is often overlooked and undervalued. 

Grounding is the basis for balance and the first step to becoming centered, aligned, in-tune, harmonious and happy. When done properly, grounding is a connection to an awesomely powerful regenerative force, which when established, feels like the best homecoming ever.

We all know someone who isn't grounded - "Head in the clouds", it's someone who's unsettled, hard to pin down and easily falls into fight or flight.

Life is always going to be littered with challenging times. If we're not very careful, life's relentless requirements result in overload and fatigue. There's rarely a moment to rest. The vast majority of us can't just decide to take the day off, just 'because' we 'don't feel like it'. 

So whilst we can't always control our socio-economic conditions, we can change our responses to it. If our base of stability is ever shaken and we feel driven to fight or flight, to grasp or seek that which we need, then preparation is key.

At these moments we can choose to be the bull in a china shop, or run around like a headless chicken, or just maybe perhaps take the time to settle, calm, ground, make a plan and act wisely. It is the act of grounding that enables a well considered and executed approach to any situation. 

Being grounded is undoubtedly our most fundamentally important feeling. Without these foundations, anything we create will be on shaky ground.


Complex, sensitive beings, we can at any moment be any number of different ways and ultimately how we are depends entirely on how we choose to craft our internal landscape, despite what is going on around us. 

Achieving sustainable grounding is aligning what's important to you, with what's important for the WHOLE because we are and always will be an element of the whole, no matter how disconnected we may find (or make) ourselves. 

Being any way other than aligned with the whole is like screaming at the sun to stop shining, or attempting to reverse the Earth's spin... fruitless endeavours which will inevitably, sooner or later result in nothing but exhaustion and frustration. 

So, grounding begins with the acknowledgement of our place in life and reality. It's the accepting of the many forces beyond our control, which we can contentedly surrender to. Chief amongst these forces and the one closest to us, is the immense being right under our feet, the Earth. 

We need only cast our attention beneath our feet for a moment to detect the majesty of this vast planetary being we inhabit, without which we would quite literally cease to be.

It is the Earth which sustains, holds and if we allow, guides us. We need do nothing in particular. We don't need to achieve anything. We don't need to retreat to the forest, or seek a mountain top in the far east. The feeling of being grounded quite literally manifests without any effort, no matter where you are because at least for the most part, on her we are. 

Being grounded is synonymous with presence. Someone happy to be where they are, just as they are, feels present and seems present. The experience fills a body and clearly emmantes for all to see. 

For those who are unfamiliar with this experience and are going to be trying anything like the following exercises for the first time, please, just relax... keep in mind only that the Earth is there and all she wants is to hold us. 

Try the below 3 exercises. Please get in touch if you'd like any further guidance and support... xx


i. Bring your attention inward. 
ii. Settle into your breath. 
iii. Project your attention downwards, acknowledging the presence of the Earth. 
iv. Seek for the power the Earth emanates. 
v. Allow this feeling to permeate every aspect of your body. 


i. Stand on level ground, barefoot, preferably directly on the Earth. 
ii. Close your eyes.
iii. Breathe into the belly and centre your attention there. 
iv. Walk as slowly as you can. 
v. Walk even slower...
vi. Consciously observe all the feelings this exercise produces.


i. Body relaxed and aligned, stand barefoot with feet flat, hip width apart. 
ii. Breathe in as you lower into a slight squat. 
iii. Exhale as you return to standing. 
iv. Synchronise your movement range with your breath range. 
v. Descend deeper with each consecutive squat. 

With these, as with all else in life, feel what's happening. Our subtle experience extends through the sub-conscious and opens to the infinite. Tune-in with your internal experiences. They will lead you to magic. Ask and answer -
What's real? What's alive in you? 

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