The revolution of botanical non-alcoholic spirits


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There's an escalating interest in all things botanical, inspired by a deep desire to reconnect with nature and all things natural. No surprise then that the drinks market are innovating with botanicals, blending them into increasingly more elaborate and enjoyable concoctions. 

Non-alcoholic spirits

Traditionally the term 'spirit' has been reserved for drink products that have been distilled. We'd like to challenge this categorisation because the process of distillation strips the flavour from the plant's essence, resulting in a tasty drink without any of the botanical vitality. In other words, none of the plant's SPIRIT is in the resulting product! 

We believe that the term 'spirit' should only apply to drinks that have as much of the botanical spirit in it as humanly possible!

"Every breathe is a dance between you and the plants"

Susan Weed


We've been working with the plants for many years creating innovative blends that inspire a reconnection with nature. Our latest range uses a very gentle extraction process, ensuring the end product has as much botanical vitality a drink can contain. 



Nature's way

Nature holds many of the answers we seek - reducing stress, healing disorders, enhancing clarity and empowerment. 80% of over the counter medications contain compounds extracted from nature and side-effects are due to these compounds being separated from their original states. 

Asides from their obvious benefits, they offer us a range of such amazing taste sensations! 

Check out our range of botanical non-alcoholic spirits, as well as our serving suggestions here x

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