How to experience the Chakras - Part 2 of 2

At any moment, our minds can grab onto any of the many thoughts that traverse our awareness and there are limitless ways in which one can interact with the world. Despite all our potential power and options we still frequently reach for distractions, or habitual behaviours to adjust the way we feel: to escape our state, or recede into familiar spaces. 

The pace with which we are developing as a conscious species is accelerating. We are becoming intensely aware of our own conditions as well as those of others. There is much to do, in order to prepare ourselves for the changes that are in progress. There is a conscious awakening occurring and as more and more of us raise our level of consciousness, there has never been a better, or easier time to tune in and ascend. 

If one is seeking to master oneself, understanding the Chakras is enlightening. The model charts an ancient schematic of our essential selves, eloquently and succinctly revealing the mechanisms and structures of the unseen workings of our subtle selves. 

Each Chakra has its own reason for being, relating to specific aspects of our lives. Individually, they speak of primordial impulses and they collectively comprise the entire range of human experience. 

One of their main roles is as beacons, directing us to dysfunctional and painful aspects of our lives we have yet to clear and resolve. Conversely, each offers us a rich experience of our ultimate selves, each providing our consciousness with unexpected somatic wisdom.  

Understanding which is which, where it is and what it relates to is an important part of the process but it is extremely useful to begin with an experience. 

For this, we return to the suggestions from Part 1; silencing the analytical, linguistic left brain and becoming aware of internal sensation. Let us begin with the Heart, the centre of our energetic engine:

  1. Take your attention to your heart area and silently observe the sensations therein and thereabouts. 
  2. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply from the belly, up to the ribcage and into the heart area. 
  3. Visualise the heart area filling with light and feel for the sensations you are actually experiencing in the heart area. 
  4. You might let out a sigh as you exhale, or chant the word JUNG, directing the vibration towards the heart. 

After only a few breathes you should begin to feel the effects. It's really very simple! Silencing the analytical mind opens us to the perception of subtle sensation. First and foremost, we are conscious energy beings. 

Try this simple 4 step Heart practice until you feel you are becoming adept at it. It's a bit of a "wipe on, wipe off" Karate Kid process (showing my age there!), meaning it's a result that's only achieved through practice, willingness and surrender.

You really can do this anywhere, anytime. In fact I encourage you to, particularly when you're in a space where little Heart is experienced - a commuter train, in your office, walking along a high street...  

When optimised, the Chakras vibrate in a glorious, harmonious unison, to the eternal sound of the divine. To reach that climax, one must explore each in turn, detect what needs resolving/clearing and attune one's self to the deep life lesson each Chakra offers us. 

Next, we'll be exploring own foundations: The Root Chakra.

In love x


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