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highly-tuned blends

for conscious consumers

Real Remedies founder Vanessa Jacoby produces a range of award winning, organic, highly-tuned botanical drinks and herbal blends, intended to inspire a deeper connection with nature and facilitate a remembrance of our essential selves.



Inspired by the Chakras and bursting with character, these multi-award winning, unique blends are designed to remind us of our subtle nature. Enjoy throughout the day as part of your journey of personal development & healing.



Raw unprocessed tonics harnessing the awesome potency of apple cider vinegar and based on an ancient time tested recipe, these potent blends are packed with powerful ingredients traditionally used for many health benefits.



Made with intention and the best natural ingredients following the lunar cycle, these tinctures are powerful aids to support you as you move through your day. Bringing balance, creativity, clarity, grounding and more.






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