The Sacral

The Sacral Chakra is associated with relationships, expression of sexuality, sensual pleasure, creativity, fantasies, emotions, feelings and the connection between inner and outer worlds.

Imbalances in the this Chakra can lead to dependency or co-dependency with other people or a substance that grants easy access to pleasure. You may also feel numb or out of touch with yourself and how you feel. It may also lead to an overindulgence in fantasies, sexual obsessions, or a lack of sexual desire or satisfaction, or perhaps getting stuck in a particular feeling or mood. 


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Creativity - Sacral Chakra loose Tea
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The Why:
A healthy Sacral Chakra is illustrated by emotional balance, renewed energy and a sensual self-awareness that gives rise to creativity. We have created an exciting, stimulating and sensually fruity tea designed to balance the Sacral Chakra and the related body. Pure ingredients including saffron, raspberries, nettle and orange fire up your creative energy and give rise to warmth and deeper connections. A balanced sacral chakra allows us to hear our intuition; a cleansing experience to awaken the body and mind, this tea is made for expression and enjoyment.

The Magic Ingredients:
his heavenly scented tea is packed full of raspberry which lifts mood, supports eye health and fights against infection. Saffron has been revered since Antiquity for its many health benefits and it's aphrodisiac and analgesic properties. Delicious orange flowers are so good for your skin, eyes and health as a whole, plus they are full of alkaline minerals which help to balance the body. Orange peel - wonderful for digestive health and maintaining a healthy weight - leaves your mouth tingling with the fresh flavour of orange long after the tea has finished. 

Marigolds have been relied on for hundreds of years to ease stomach cramps, soothe rashes and heal the body. Nettle is an amazing iron-rich plant which can boost energy and alleviate the symptoms of allergies. Refreshing Hibiscus flowers are known for their thirst-quenching properties, cardiovascular benefits and calming sensations.

The How:
Place the bag in a cup (or tea pot) and add boiling water. Let the plants release their magic for 6-8 minutes. As these are powerful, natural ingredients we recommend no more than three cups per day for adults, and for children aged 5-13 we recommend no more than one cup per day. Enjoy the refreshing taste of the orange as this blend bursts with energy and fuels your creativity!

We only use ethically sourced ingredients. Blended and packed in the UK with love and care.

Raspberries*, orange peel*, orange flowers, nettle leaves*, marigold*, hibiscus*, saffron.


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Sacral Chakra Tincture (2)
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I am orange. Overflowing with expression, bursting forth with raw creation. Swimming in the depth of feelings… Juicy bites of life fill the belly with sweetness. Creatures of land, air, and water unite. The spiralling energy of the whirling dervish… an endless dance of giving and receiving and sharing!

Fine Cognac, Raw Honey, Ashwagandga, Birch, Dandelion leaf, Hibiscus, Juniper and Saffron.

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